I think y’all gon’ like this one……. Putting on for his city, MPLS Drew has a unique flow capable of pleasing any crowd. Completely comfortable with his sound, Drew stands out as a trend-setting artist blind to anything that he doesn’t personally believe in. Expressing messages far deeper than material possessions, MPLSDrew is a lyricist’s artist and a consistently complex listen. Versatile with his beat choice and deliveries, MPLS Drew expresses emotions, viewpoints, goals and more within every song. His music is thoroughly real in every aspect. He raps and sings most often without auto-tune, he writes with passion and he directs himself with the poise and confidence to persuade listeners of his aspirations. Capable of complementing fiery trap beats or serenading slower R&B-influenced tracks, he holds authenticity behind it all. If any track embodies MPLSDrew and his ranging skillset, it would be “Listen” off his lone EP Long Time Coming. Diving into socio-culture conflict, chopping up a soothing sample, and displaying unique vocal creativity he showcases a completely original tune. Other songs that stand out off Long Time Coming would be the slower-paced “Simple Lies”, the Jesirae featured “On Me”, and the Deuce B collab in “Execute”. Drew has an impressive body of work thus far and stays working for more.