Shining on high-tempo instrumentals that are often laced with chest pounding bass kicks, MÜ brings energy to everything that he touches. All about the grind, he crisply delivers every word with one goal in mind- winning. Masterfully rattling off catchy hooks and effortlessly spitting through each verse, MÜ brings an old-school flow to new-wave music. One of many young, hungry artists from the Twin Cities, Mü stands out as a pace setter. He embodies a mid-2000’s hustler mentality and attacks up-beat instrumentals spewing confidence. Owning a SoundCloud filled with bangers ranging from introspective freestyles like Blah Blah Blah Freestyle to trap-based anthems (notably Sota Gang, Ballin prodCollinMakesBeats, and Straight To The Dome), MÜ leaves his mark on every track. While his swagger is undoubtably present, he doesn’t fake the open, humanistic parts of rap that any lyricist drools over. His lyrics are real and from the heart, his passion braces all of his work, and his drive is blatantly evident. MÜ’s multi-faceted talent has separated him from his peers and driven him to early success. A participant in GO 95.3’s “Shut Up and Rap Event” during 2019 SoundSet, MÜ came out victorious and secured a spot to open up for 50Cent at Treasure Island. Find his exclusive content on the LÜM app!